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Breakfast of Champions, The Nutella Crepe Cake








The milkshake:  This is not limited to fast food nor to milkshakes.  That ‘concoction’ is the industry standard artificial strawberry flavoring found in everything strawberry flavored that isn’t naturally flavored.

Chicken nuggets: Total lies.  My sister works at the Tyson plant that provides KFC and McDonalds their nuggets.  There’s no ‘pink paste’ stage.  ’Reflavoring’ is an injection of mostly salt into the meat in order to give it some taste because modern day chicken is nearly flavorless.  If you want to disgust people, show them the conditions of the processing plants that dismantle the chickens.

The pubic hair one: You eat more of your family’s pubic hairs cooking in your own home.  You think you don’t shed once you walk in your own door?

Peanut butter: This is a cold hard truth of food mass production.  There will be insects.  You can never get rid of them or take them out of the process.  The FDA places limits on how much can be allowed into specific foods so that food manufactories don’t get lazy and just say ‘Well we can’t keep it out.’  The FDA limit helps immensely because it makes these places try to keep the insect population down through keeping things clean.

Shellac: Oh my god this is so stupid.  ’Shellac’ is an INGREDIENT.  It’s a NATURAL PRODUCT produced by INSECTS.  It is then PROCESSED into food-grade glaze or colorants, OR into wood and furniture polish.  They don’t just take wood polish and dump it on your jawbreakers.  Grow up.

Bacteriophages: The ‘phages of which you speak are used to kill the listeria virus.  Listeria is a bacteria that attacks the immune system and has a one in five mortality rate.  Bacteriophages?  They’ve been used as an alternative to antibiotic medications in Russia and France for 90 years.  That’s really disgusting and dangerous!

Coke: This is total and complete bunk.  It would have been far more effective to point out that colas and carbonated drinks have been linked to weakened bones in those who overconsume them, but this is complete lies here.  Again.

Salads: I think you mean propylene glycol.  And again, this is bullshit.  PG only causes reactions in those allergic to it.  It has a very low toxicity and can only negatively affect human health if very large amounts are ingested very quickly and over a very short period of time.  By which I mean ‘Find a vat of it and start drinking it and nothing else.’  Again you go for the lie instead of pointing out that fast food salads are processed and contain as much fat and cholesterol as most of the other foods offered by a fast food place.

Beef additives: This has nothing to do with fast food.  This is common in MOST meats in the US.  This is because the US has become so obsessed with the fat content of meat and making it ‘healthy’ that we have literally bred almost all the flavor out of every food animal breed we currently use.  Flavorants are almost ALWAYS injected during processing or most of our meat would be bland and tasteless.   ‘Flavorants’ typically being concentrated broth and/or salt and seasoning.

Cheese: Lies again.  Only those cheeses labelled as ‘Pasteurized process cheese food’ and ‘Pasteurized process cheese spread’ match these stats.  Pasteurized process cheese is simply a blended cheese made to have a sharp taste and be easily melted.  Your lie here is that the 47% is referring to the cheese’s fat content, not cheese content.

This image is full of lies and misrepresented half-truths and anyone spreading this as truthful should rethink their approach.


Thank God someone said it


I’ll bet the person who made this is also an anti-vaccination asshole

Get. Over. Your. Stupid. Myths.

Do some fucking research before panicking

and I mean RESEARCH. Not a quick fucking google search. Learn to separate good sources from bad sources and learn your fucking terminology

Guess what? The earth is COVERED in Dihydrogen monoxide! Scary, isn’t it?!?!

That’s fucking water. 

Dihydrogen monoxide is water

but because it’s a fancy scientific term you don’t understand, it’s scary, right?

I can not EVEN with these people! 

When I go to contemporary Asian restaurants, like Wolfgang Puck’s now-shuttered 20.21 in Minneapolis and Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market in New York City, it seems the entrées are always in the $16–$35 range and the only identifiable person of color in the kitchen is the dishwasher. The menus usually include little blurbs about how the chefs used to backpack in the steaming jungles of the Far East (undoubtedly stuffing all the herbs and spices they could fit into said backpacks along the way, for research purposes), and were so inspired by the smiling faces of the very generous natives—of which there are plenty of tasteful black-and-white photos on the walls, by the way—and the hospitality, oh, the hospitality, that they decided the best way to really crystallize that life-changing experience was to go back home and sterilize the cuisine they experienced by putting some microcilantro on that $20 curry to really make it worthy of the everyday American sophisticate. American chefs like to talk fancy talk about “elevating” or “refining” third-world cuisines, a rhetoric that brings to mind the mission civilisatrice that Europe took on to justify violent takeovers of those same cuisines’ countries of origin. In their publicity materials, Spice Market uses explicitly objectifying language to describe the culture they’re appropriating: “A timeless paean to Southeast Asian sensuality, Spice Market titillates Manhattan’s Meatpacking District with Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s piquant elevations of the region’s street cuisine.” The positioning of Western aesthetics as superior, or higher, than all the rest is, at its bottom line, an expression of the idea that no culture has value unless it has been “improved” by the Western Midas touch. If a dish hasn’t been eaten or reimagined by a white person, does it really exist?


Straight up all about the Swedish breakfast